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Management Team

Mount Pleasant Waterworks’ Managing Team is made up of the General Manager and seven Department Managers.  As a team, they are responsible for overseeing the management, operations, and maintenance of Mount Pleasant Waterworks. 

Clay Duffie

Mr. Duffie, General Manager, is responsible for the daily operations of Mount Pleasant Waterworks and its  employees.

David Niesse

Mr. Niesse, Engineering Manager, oversees the engineering and construction functions at Mount Pleasant Waterworks. This includes Capital Projects, Development, GIS, and Project Inspections.

allan clum 

Mr. Clum, Operations Manager, is responsible for the operation of four (4) reverse osmosis water treatment plants, two (2) wastewater treatment plants and the laboratory. 

Nicole Bates

Mrs. Bates, Customer Services Manager, manages customer operations which includes Account Management, Billing, Contact Center and Customer Service, and the Meter System and Meter Reading.

Mark coffin

Mr. Coffin, Chief Financial Officer,  manages the daily financial operations, including the accounting, budgeting, and finance.

Ross Wattay 

Mr. Wattay, Field Services Manager, is responsible for the management of water and wastewater pipes and pumps throughout the distribution and collection system.

Christi Fowler

Mrs. Fowler, Human Resources Manager, is responsible for the management of human resources for Mount Pleasant Waterworks' employees.

Brian head

Mr. Head, Technical Services Manager, manages the computer and information systems along with safety and records management. 


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