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Education and Outreach


Would you like to have a speaker from Mount Pleasant Waterworks present at your next meeting?  We have a range of speaking topics available that are very interesting and can be tailored to your audience.  Please contact Jenna Lore, Communications Specialist, to book one of our Clean Water Talkers for your next meeting, Email: jlore@mpwonline.com.


Mount Pleasant Waterworks has a comprehensive public education program designed to provide a variety of information, resources, and hands-on activity in environmental education and water resource/conservation management. The Commission's Public Education program components include:

  • Video presentations of the water and wastewater treatment processes, water conservation, source water protection, point and non-point source pollution and basic water principles.
  • Slide presentations of the reverse osmosis water treatment process.
  • Working models designed to show groundwater flow reverse osmosis and the wastewater treatment process.
  • Laboratory services that demonstrate water quality testing and sampling.
  • Classroom presentations that can be tailored to any existing water or environmental curriculum.
  • Facility tours of both reverse osmosis treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Supplemental hand-outs and classroom projects designed to reinforce the principles associated with water, wastewater and conservation.
  • Innovative recommendations and examples of successful science fair projects.
  • An award winning environmental mentoring program involving hands-on presentations and facility tours in partnership with the Charleston County School District.

Please contact Jenna Lore, Communications Specialist 

Email: jlore@mpwonline.com.


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