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Our Vision:

Through the unified and committed efforts of each and every employee, Mount Pleasant Waterworks will be a leader in our industry and community.

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with reliable water and wastewater services of exceptional quality and value, while protecting public health and the environment. 

Our Values:

Fairness: To our customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Integrity: In all actions by employees and commissioners.

Quality: In our products, services, and processes.

Strategic Plan:

We have developed our goals, objectives, and strategies around four strategic target catergories:

Financial Stability, Workforce Development, Customer Satisfaction, and Operational Excellence.  The strategic target structure helps to organize the various goals and strategies of our Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan serves as the blueprint for decision-making for the future.  It provides a structure by which annual reviews can be accomplished to ensure that the goals and objectives maintain relevant over time.  By laying out a course of action, the Strategic Business Plan represents a process to make fundamental decisions that shape our future. 


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