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Commissioners Approve Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

June 30, 2015


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Mount Pleasant Waterworks Announces Approval of Fiscal Year 2016 Budget and Adjustments to Charges

 Commissioners improve customer service and financial sustainability

 Mount Pleasant, S.C.  - - June 30, 2015 - - On Monday, June 29th , Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) Commissioners cast their final vote to approve the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget and make changes to fees and charges.  Over the last several months we spent several hours studying the budgetary needs of the Commission. We believe, together with staff, we have developed a budget along with rates, fees, and charges that provides for financial stability in order to operate and maintain a reliable system. This allows our employees to continue to provide excellent service to our customers,” said Chairman Rick Crosby.

The Commissioners approved an Operating Expenditures Budget of $29,205,744. The Capital Budget was a two year budget of $47,375,789 which was approved in June 2015.   We presented our Commissioners with a budget that covers the cost of operating and maintaining a reliable system that consists of over $1.5 Billion in assets, provides sufficient funds necessary to assure that we continue to adhere to stringent regulations and expands our system to handle services needed for our growing community,” said General Manager Clay Duffie.

In addition to approving the Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2016, the Commissioners voted to maintain the current volumetric rates, adjust the Basic Facility Charge, adjust the Water and Wastewater Impact Fees, and adjust various charges.  As Commissioners, we work to keep the cost of providing water and wastewater services affordable. The services provided by Mount Pleasant Waterworks are life sustaining services that none of us could live without. The value of clean safe water for our community is invaluable,” added Chairman Rick Crosby.

Beginning in July, customers will notice the change in the Basic Facility Charges. For those customers who have both water and wastewater services and are assigned one Residential Equivalent Unit (REU) the Basic Facility Charge will change from $18.00 per month to $22.00. This is the second year that the Commissioners have adjusted the Basic Facility Charge.  This allows all customers to fairly and equitably share in the fixed costs associated with providing  service.

“Our employees do an outstanding job with providing efficient and effective service to nearly 75,000 residents.  Each year, MPW undergoes an extensive financial audit to ensure that the funds allocated are utilized in a fiscally responsible manner.  Audits continue to show that our employees are good stewards of the revenue collected from our customers”, said General Manager Clay Duffie.  “This year our Finance Department received their 17th Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting along with their 6th Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.  Both awards display the organization’s financial management and responsibility.”

MPW does not receive funding from taxes or the Town of Mount Pleasant, the operating revenues received are solely from water and wastewater sales. These funds are only utilized to operate and maintain the water and wastewater system.  “At MPW, we believe that growth should pay for growth.  Our operating revenues collected from our current customers do not pay to expand and extend our system to new customers.  Any costs related to expansion and extension is paid through impact fees,” said General Manager Clay Duffie.  

Through the budget process, MPW Commissioners held several committee meetings and a public hearing.  During the June 1, 2015 public hearing no comments or questions were received from the general public regarding the budget.  The Commissioners hold monthly Commission meetings which the public is invited and encouraged to attend.

To    view   the   full    rate   schedule    Download Budget Resolution 01-2015 for FY2016


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Mount Pleasant Waterworks Mission: To provide our customers with water and wastewater services of exceptional quality and value, while protecting public health and the environment.







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