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Clean-up and Testing Underway

October 5, 2015



For more information contact:

Dionna Ebeling, 8438704364


Mount Pleasant Waterworks Begins Clean-up and Testing

During this extreme rain event, Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) wastewater system documented record wastewater flows. Wastewater overflows occurred in the following areas:

  • Park West (Pump Station 119 located on Park West Boulevard and manholes in the Church Hill Park area)
  • Cooper Estates (Pump Station 27 and nearby manholes)
  • Old Village (manholes near McCants and Middle Street)
  • South Shem Pump Station at 908 South Shem 

Over the last two days crews have monitored the system and responded to areas that have reported overflows.  Today, MPW will begin the clean-up from overflows and testing of nearby waters for contamination. These overflows did not impact drinking water.  Both MPW and Charleston Water System’s water is safe to drink.  Drinking water quality will continue to be monitored. It is safe to drink and use tap water as normal. It is NOT necessary to boil water.

Customers must continue to avoid contact with standing water, especially near manholes.  The South Carolina Department of Environmental Health and Control (SCDHEC) issued the following warning:

“We strongly warn residents to stay away from floodwaters and, to reduce the risk of infections and traumatic injuries including drowning, don’t swim, play or boat in the water,” said Jamie Blair, deputy director of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Public Health Preparedness. “Water from flooding can carry viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other physical items picked up as it moves through storm water systems, across industrial sites, yards, roads and parking lots. These threats can cause serious illness and injury and should be avoided if at all possible.”

SCDHEC specific tips for preventing illness and injury resulting from flooding:

  • Prevent children from playing in flooded areas. Rapidly rushing floodwaters pose a high risk for drowning.
  • Keep children from playing with toys that have been contaminated by floodwater until the toys can be cleaned/disinfected.
  • Wash children's hands frequently and always before meals.
  • Take care to protect open wounds from floodwaters.

Flooding can also create situations in which animals, reptiles and insects can be more likely to come in contact with humans, resulting in bites and stings. If you have a reason that you must enter the floodwaters, be alert and try to avoid contact.

MPW continues to ask customers to limit toilet flushing, washing laundry, dish washing, and other water use that could contribute to increased flows to the wastewater system until further notice. 

This request is a precautionary measure.  Limiting the use of the wastewater system will allow the system to discharge the excess wastewater collected over the past two days and allow crews to make needed repairs and clean-up. 

MPW will provide notices to the specific areas impacted by any wastewater overflow.  Customers should stay tuned to MPW’s website (www.mountpleasantwaterworks.com), Twitter (MPWaterworks) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mpwsocial) for updates.

Customers needing to report water and/or wastewater issues should call 843-884-9626.







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