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Mount Pleasant Waterworks Requests that Customers Continue to Limit the Use of the Wastewater System

October 5, 2015



For more information contact:

Dionna Ebeling, 8438704364


Today crews from Mount Pleasant Waterworks aggressively worked to clean-up from wastewater overflows that occurred in the following areas:


  • Park West (Pump Station 119 located on Park West Boulevard and manholes in the Church Hill Park area)
  • Cooper Estates (Pump Station 27 and nearby manholes)
  • Old Village (manholes near McCants and Middle Street)
  • South Shem Pump Station at 908 South Shem


Clean-up efforts to clear the wastewater and disinfect the areas impacted in order to protect the environment will continue into the evening hours and Tuesday. 


Although, MPW is starting to see a decrease in flows to the wastewater system they have not declined to a normal level.  MPW continues to ask customers to limit toilet flushing, washing laundry, dish washing, and other water use that could contribute to increased flows to the wastewater system until further notice. 


These overflows did not impact drinking water.  Both MPW and Charleston Water System’s water is safe to drink.  Drinking water quality will continue to be monitored. It is safe to drink and use tap water as normal. It is NOT necessary to boil water.


MPW and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) previously urged customers to avoid contact with standing water.  Customer are asked to continue to avoid standing water, especially water near manholes. 


MPW is in contact with SCDHEC, who is aware of the wastewater system overflows caused by this extraordinary rain event.


Customers should stay tuned to MPW’s website (www.mountpleasantwaterworks.com), Twitter (MPWaterworks) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mpwsocial) for updates.



Customers needing to report water and/or wastewater issues should call 843-884-9626.





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