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Dedicated Employees

December 18, 2015



As families gather to celebrate the holidays and all of the joys and gifts life brings, chances are they won’t be thinking about one of the most valuable gifts we all receive every day – clean, safe, drinking water provided by our dedicated employees working through the holidays.




Tap water delivers so many things that no other water can deliver:




  • It delivers public health.


  • It delivers fire protection.


  • It delivers economic development.


  • It delivers quality of life. 


Creating this valuable service each day are the hardworking water and wastewater professionals on the job throughout the holiday season. 


Few people realize that producing drinking water and removing and cleaning wastewater goes on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The dedicated water and wastewater professionals who sacrifice time away from their families on holidays know the job they do goes largely unnoticed, but seeking the spotlight is not their motivation. 


Making sure our neighbors and families have safe drinking water is something that never takes a break. 


As you take time to celebrate with your family, remember the value of water and the professionals who provide your water and wastewater services 24/7.



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