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Hamlin Beach Wastewater System Evaluation

February 5, 2016

Beginning on Monday, February 8, 2016 Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) will be evaluating the wastewater system in the Hamlin Beach Subdivision.  This process will include smoke testing, cleaning, and televising the wastewater lines in your area.  All work will be complete by Friday, February 26th

The first phase of this work will be smoke testing the wastewater system.  Smoke testing is used to locate cracks in pipes.  Smoke testing involves using a device to inject a harmless smoke into wastewater manholes, then watching to see where the smoke escapes.

It is normal for smoke to come out of wastewater vent pipes on roofs of homes and buildings—this does not indicate a problem.  However, if smoke emerges from storm drains or rises from lawns, sidewalks, or the street, that does indicate a problem, such as a cracked pipe, damaged manhole, or mistaken connection, etc.  MPW crews will investigate the area to determine if the issue is located on MPW’s side of the system or the customer’s.  If it is determined to be on MPW’s side crews will schedule the appropriate repairs.  If it is determined to be on the customer’s side crews will notify the customer who will need to arrange repairs with their plumber. 

Before conducting smoke testing, MPW notifies the Mount Pleasant Fire Department and homes and businesses in the affected area.

What to expect during smoke testing?

Smoke should escape through wastewater vent pipes on roofs.  These vent pipes are connected to your wastewater plumbing to allow wastewater gases to vent outside.

Occasionally, the harmless smoke may escape from within a home.  This indicates there is a problem with the wastewater plumbing in the home.  If smoke escapes within the home this means wastewater gases are also escaping within the home.

Cleaning and Televising

Following smoke testing, crews will be cleaning the wastewater lines. During this time you will notice MPW’s vacuum (vac) and camera trucks throughout our community.  These trucks are very large and at times loud. We ask that you be patient with our employees as they work hard to help prevent sewer problems within our community.

When the vac truck is working in your area it is very important to keep your toilet seats down.  The cleanout process can create pressure that may cause water to splash out of toilets - keeping the lid down will protect your bathroom.

We appreciate your patience as we complete this necessary evaluation.  If you have any questions please call 843.884.9626 or email customerservice@mpwonline.com.


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