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Important Steps Before the Temperature Drops

January 5, 2017

Local residents are urged to implement protective measures for their water pipes as temperatures threaten to drop below freezing.  Frozen water expands breaking the pipe and when it thaws you have a leak that can cause considerable damage.

Tips you need to know:
• Allow an inside and outside faucet to drip slightly.
• Insulate all exposed pipes and enclose crawl spaces.
• Plug up drafty cracks and repair broken window panes.
• Remove hoses from outside faucets and be sure faucets are drained and shut off.
• Know how to turn off your water at the shut off valve at your home or business in case of a frozen pipe burst.
• Keep meter box lids closed to prevent freezing.

What to do if you are going out of town during freezing weather:
• Turn off your water heater at the electric breaker panel.
• Turn off your water at the shut off valve (Click Here to learn how to shut off your water).
• Open a faucet in the house to allow air into the pipes to prevent the ice expansion that breaks the pipe.

Don’t forget to protect your above-ground backflow device:
• You can find a variety of insulated covers at most lawn and garden or landscape supply stores.
• Or, simply wrap it in insulation with tape.


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