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Biannual Fire Hydrant Flushing Begins in April

April 5, 2017

Each April, the Mount Pleasant Fire Department (MPFD) flushes hydrants at various locations throughout Mount Pleasant. The work is performed to ensure hydrants are functioning properly and to observe the flow capacity to address the requirements and standards. In addition, the hydrants are flushed to clear accumulated sediments out of the water mains.

When a hydrant is flushed, the normal water flow in the pipes is increased and sediment may be disturbed and become suspended in the water causing discoloration. The discoloration is harmless, but it can create aesthetic problems. The sediment is naturally occurring in all water supplies and goes unnoticed until disturbed.

You should avoid washing clothes, especially white clothes, if you are experiencing water discoloration. Any discoloration will settle down soon after the MPFD leaves the area, however, you may need to clear the sediment from the lines in your house by running the water at all faucets for 10 – 15 minutes.  

The Fire Department released the following proposed schedule for flushing:

 April 10-20, 2017 Station 3 and 4 -  Station 3 flushing includes Johnnie Dodds, Mathis Ferry and West Coleman areas.  Station 4 flushing includes Town Center, Rifle Range Road, and as far North as Hwy 41.

April 20-30, 2017 Station 1, 5 and 7  - Station 1 flushing includes the Old Village and Coleman Blvd. Station 5 flushing includes is Hwy 41 and Dunes West. Station 7 flushing includes Johnnie Dodds Boulevard from Anna Knapp to Lowes.

May 1-10 Station 2 and 6  - Station 2 flushing includes all of Long Point Rd and Belle Hall. Station 6 flushing includes Carolina Park and North Mt. Pleasant.



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