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Water System Update

January 7, 2018

During this extreme weather event, MPW has experienced exceptionally high water demands. Operators have been working around the clock to manage water resources. 

Working together we can prevent widespread outages and low water pressure.

When frozen water lines thaw, leaks become evident. Monitor your home closely.  If you notice water leaks, shut your water off immediately.  

Click Here  to learn how to shut-off water to your home. 

In preparation for an increase in water demand due to leaks, here is how you can help:

• Turn off your irrigation system;
• When temperatures rise above freezing, turn off dripping faucets;
• Monitor for leaks. If one is found, turn off water until repairs are made;
• Limit laundry washing;
• Limit your time in the shower;
• Limit use of your dishwasher; and
• Delay washing vehicles.

On Monday morning, customers may greatly benefit from turning off the water to their homes and structures at the shut-off valve before leaving for work. Turning off your water heater is also recommended. These actions minimize or prevent damage from leaks occurring throughout the day when no one is home.

This is an excellent time for neighbors to help one another.  If you have elderly neighbors, please take time to see if they need assistance.  If your neighbors are out of town and you notice a leak, please call MPW to report their leak. 

Click Here   to learn more about monitoring for leaks.

These small steps will go a long way in protecting your property and maintaining your water resources.
MPW will continue to work around the clock to monitor and manage your water system.  If you are unable to shut-off your  water and need assistance, please call 843.884.9626. 

Thank you for working together with us to protect our water resources.


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