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MPW Notice to Customers to Prepare for Hurricane Florence

September 10, 2018

Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) has implemented their Incident Command System and moved to OPCON 3 in anticipation of effects from Hurricane Florence. OPCON 3 indicates that a possible threat exists.

Mount Pleasant Waterworks will be closed for business starting tomorrow, Tuesday, September 11th and will be under emergency operations until the mandatory evacuation is lifted. 

Customers are urged to implement a household water safety plan that includes drinking water as Hurricane Florence approaches the coast.

 “Every household needs a detailed plan to ensure safety and that plan should begin with clean water,” said Clay Duffie, Mount Pleasant Waterworks’ General Manager.

MPW is taking the appropriate operational steps to prepare for any impact.  “Our top priority is to continue to provide our customers with safe clean drinking water”, said Mr. Duffie.

As a precaution, MPW is currently increasing chlorine residual to the high end of the normal operating range.  Customers may notice an increase in chlorine taste and smell.  This increase is a precautionary action should MPW have system damage. 

Here’s a quick look at planning tips and important tips you need to know:
Water Storage
• Store regular tap water in half-gallon or one-gallon containers, preferably made of heavy plastic with screw caps such as soft drink containers. Fill containers completely.
• The average household should have one gallon of water per person per day for cooking and drinking. You should keep at least three days’ supply.
• To increase the shelf life of water, store bottles in dark cool location.
• Bottled water (water purchased in a store) does not keep as well as normal tap water.  Tap water contains disinfectants to guard against microbe growth.
• Store volume water needs (for flushing toilets, cleaning, etc.) in the bathtub and other      large containers.

Shut Off Water to Your Home (if you evacuate)
• Shut off the water valve at your home’s shut-off valve or at the water meter.  The shut-off valve should be located near the main water line’s entrance to your home. Shutting off the water prevents potential contaminants from entering your plumbing system in the event water lines are broken.
• When shutting off your home’s water supply, also remember to turn off your water heater.  The water heater could be damaged without a steady water supply.

Monitor media reports immediately after a storm for water advisories and directions.

Minimize Toilet Flushing or Excessive Water Use
If your power is out at your home, it is likely MPW’s pump stations are without power. Please minimize toilet flushing or excessive water use until the power is restored.  If you see water bubbling out of manholes or have a sewer back up, call MPW at 843-884-9626. 

Avoid Contact with Overflows
Please keep children and animals away from overflows that may have occurred. 

Storm Recovery
• Mark your home's water meter with a brightly colored stick or object to protect it from roadside debris cleanup.
• DO NOT HIDE your water meter or other utility receptacles with hurricane debris.
      Keep the area well marked and clear.

Stay Up-to-Date
Prior to any storm, contact MPW to confirm your contact information is up-to-date. This will ensure that you receive important notices before and after an event. 
Customers can also receive updates during any event on MPW’s website, by following MPW on Facebook and Twitter, and joining your community’s Nextdoor account. Information and updates will be provided as needed.

Notices regarding impact to the water system or use of the wastewater system will be published on all sites mentioned above.  In the event of a water or wastewater emergency, customers should call 843.884.9626, if conditions are safe on-call personnel will respond.

“MPW has an in-depth Emergency Management Plan to address these types of situations, and all employees are trained regularly.  Our highly trained employees will be working before and immediately after the storm has passed,” Mr. Duffie added.



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