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Early Notice and Public Review of a Proposed Activity in a Wetland

March 27, 2019

To: All interested Agencies [USACOE, SCDHEC], Groups and Individuals

This is to give notice that Charleston County under Part 58 has determined that the following proposed action under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and B17-UC-45-0002 CFDA14.218 is located in a wetland, Charleston County will be identifying and evaluating practicable alternatives to locating the action in the wetland and the potential impacts on the wetland from the proposed action, as required by Executive Order 11990, in accordance with HUD regulations at 24 CFR 55.20 Subpart C Procedures for Making Determinations on Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands. Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) is completing phase II of a project to extend sewer within the Snowden community. The overall purpose of this project is to provide public sewer service to an area with failing or failed septic tanks. A total of 35 homes will be connected to public sewer, with 9 being LMI households. MPW is funding the portions of the project not associated with the LMI connections/septic system abandonment and CDBG funds will be utilized for these connections/septic tank abandonments. The size of the project site (linear construction) is 0.7 acres. The project could impact a PFO1A (Palustrine, Forested, Broad-leaved Deciduous, Temporarily Flooded) wetland (total of 0.2 acres) approximately 800 linear feet from the end of Isaac Boston Street on Latroy Avenue. Approximately 0.05 acres of this wetland would be impacted.

This is a surface water forested wetland that is a total of 0.2 acres in size and located within a residential area. The development of the residential area has modified this wetland area over time. It currently functions as floodwater storage and conveyance and erosion control for a portion of the project area as well as limited habitat for local flora and wildlife. Its beneficial value is primarily educational, scientific and recreational based on its location, classification and current function. The proposed project is located on Snowden Road, Gurley Street, Coaxum Road and Latroy Avenue in the Snowden community of Mount Pleasant, Charleston County.

There are three primary purposes for this notice. First, people who may be affected by activities in wetlands and those who have an interest in the protection of the natural environment should be given an opportunity to express their concerns and provide information about these areas. Commenters are encouraged to offer alternative sites outside of the wetland, alternative methods to serve the same project purpose, and methods to minimize and mitigate impacts. Second, an adequate public notice program can be an important public educational tool. The dissemination of information and request for public comment about wetlands can facilitate and enhance Federal efforts to reduce the risks and impacts associated with the occupancy and modification of these special areas. Third, as a matter of fairness, when the Federal government determines it will participate in actions taking place in wetlands, it must inform those who may be put at greater or continued risk.

Written comments must be received by Charleston County at the following address on or before April 19, 2019: Charleston County, Community Development Department, 4045 Bridge View Dr, Suite C216, North Charleston, SC 29405 and (843) 202-6960, Attention: Jennifer Miller, County Administrator, (RE: HUD Environmental Review). A full description of the project may also be reviewed from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at address same as above. Comments may also be submitted via email at aeskridge@charlestoncounty.org. All associated maps, permit applications and project information are also available for review on the MPW website: www.mountpleasantwaterworks.com.

Date: March 31, 2019


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