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Good Neighbor Promise

Having a Good Neighbor Promise provides a standard of care for our customers and contractors when a water or wastewater project is taking place in the community. We include the following activities in all water and wastewater project plans. 


• Posting safety signs.

• Providing flaggers, signs, and detour routes, when necessary, to ensure traffic can get around the project.

• Regularly sweeping and cleaning the street.

• Taking appropriate steps to keep debris out of storm drains.

• Safely operating heavy equipment and securing it after working hours.


• Following our construction hours unless there are unexpected emergencies, governmental requirements, weather conditions or to occasionally accommodate local businesses.


• Only parking vehicles critical to the project in the work area to limit the amount of street parking we are impacting.

• Positioning vehicles so that they do not cause a safety hazard for drivers or pedestrians.

• Working to maintain clear driveway access for properties in the work area.

• Storing equipment as effectively and compactly as possible.

• Limiting heavy equipment use and construction noise to work hours.


• Providing one day’s advance notice of planned water outages to impacted addresses.

• Working to restore water as soon as possible in both planned and unplanned situations and providing contact information to impacted residents during the outage.


• Restoring sidewalks and landscaping to preconstruction condition. Some restoration may need to wait until seasonal or weather conditions are most suitable.

• Ensuring our contractor installs temporary paving over the course of the project.

• Removing debris-blocking storm water management devices as soon as the potential for project-related debris to enter the storm drain ends. Project-related debris includes erosion from displaced sod, so storm water management devices must remain until all disturbed landscaping and paving is restored.


• Providing an MPW contact for neighbors.

• Providing updates via MPW’s NextDoor account and to the neighborhood/homeowners association point of contact as needed or requested.


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