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Your Water Meter

Locating Your Meter Box

  • Your meter should be in the corner of your property 10 to 12 feet from the road
  • Dirt and grass may be covering your meter box

Maintaining Your Meter Box

  • Your meter box should have a 5 foot unobstructed radius around the meter
  • Make sure to trim bushes, tree limbs, and grass away from the meter

Accessing Your Meter

To access your meter simply lift the lid off of the meter box box, take care not to damage the wire running from the Smart Point to the meter. Be mindful that there may be snakes or spiders living in the meter box.

Inside Your Meter Box

Inside of your meter box you will find your meter, the bottom of the Smart Point, a curb stop (for MPW to shutoff service), and double check and ball valve (for the customer to shutoff service).

Reading Your Meter

Reading your AMI Meter is done by opening and closing the lid to cycle through different information that your meter can tell you. To cycle from screen to screen close the hinged lid of the meter and open it again, the lid should fully close and make an audible "click". Continue fully closing an opening the meter until you reach your desired information screen. The first screen will show the total number of gallons used since your meter has been installed. The second screen will show alarms that tell MPW crews important information. The third screen will show flow (how many gallons per minute of water are flowing through the meter).

This screen displays how many gallons have flowed through the meter since the meter was installed.

This screen tells MPW technicians of any possible alarms on the meter.

The flow screen tells you how many gallons of water are flowing through the meter per minute.

Checking For Leaks in Your Home

Checking for leaks is easy and fast with your meter. To check for leaks follow these steps:

  1. Shut off all faucets and fixtures inside and outside your home
  2. Access your water meter, within the meter box, usually found in front of your house near the curb
  3. Check the flow of water through your smart meter by opening and closing the hinged lid on the face of the meter 3 times. Ensure the meter closes with an audible "click" each time.
  4. If the flow shows zero, and there is no flow indicator showing at the bottom of the screen, no water is flowing through the meter and you have no leaks in your home or underground in the pipes around your home.
  5. Please note that it may take several minutes for any usage to become apparent.

6.  If the flow screen on the meter shows any number other than zero, and a plus sign shows up near the bottom of the screen, there may be a leak somewhere in your home or underground in the pipes around your home. Make sure to double check that nothing inside or outside the home is using water. If you are sure there is nothing using water you probably have a leak.

Flow Rate Converter

Use this converter to see how much water could be leaking in your home or in the pipes going into your home every hour, day, and month.




Maintaining Your Meter Box

Keeping your meter box clear of any dirt, grass, or plants is essential to ensure your meter is read properly. Please do not plant bushes near your meter box or grass on top of your meter box. 


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