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Leak Adjustment

Mount Pleasant Waterworks offers courtesy assistance in the event a customer experiences a substantial increase in water use due to a leak. To ensure that your request is processed in a timely manner, please carefully review the following information:

1 - You must submit a completed Leak Adjustment Request Form provided by Mount Pleasant Waterworks. Leaks must be repaired prior to review of the account.

2 - No more than one leak adjustment per 12 month period will be approved.

3 - Your account must be paid in full and kept current until the leak adjustment is reviewed and a decision is made. If necessary, contact a Customer Service Specialist to make a payment arrangement before your due date.

4 - Paid receipts of repair and/or materials must be submitted.

5 - Non-eligible requests include: lawn irrigation and/or water loss through irrigation systems; negligence or unreasonable delay in making plumbing repairs; faucet and/or hoses turned on and left on by unknown or known causes; ruptured garden hoses; filling wading pools, spas and waterbeds.

6 - A credit may be given for the excessive Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 rates, above your normal usage. All gallons are billed at Tier 1 base rate.

7 - An additional adjustment may be given for wastewater charges when applicable. When a request has been approved for a wastewater adjustment, your average ‘normal’ monthly use is calculated based on prior usage history. If your account demonstrates change of season usage the same time period from the previous year will be used.

To request an adjustment you can fill out the form below or visit our Operations Center, 1619 Rifle Range Road. Please be sure to provide documentation for proof of the repair(s). Any requests submitted without proof of repair will be denied.

Customers requesting an adjustment are responsible for making all payments on or before the date due.

I hereby notify Mount Pleasant Waterworks that I have sustained a water leak at the above address and that it has been repaired. I am requesting an adjustment to my bill per Mount Pleasant Waterworks policy. I understand that signing this form does not guarantee a billing adjustment will be granted. I am providing a copy of the paid repair bill and/or material receipts. I also understand that failure to provide proper documentation may result in a denial of this leak adjustment request. If approved, Mount Pleasant Waterworks will adjust up to three billing cycles if applicable. I understand that by accepting any adjustment offer made by Mount Pleasant Waterworks I am utilizing my one leak adjustment per 12- month period per account. MPW will complete review and notify customer of decision within 10 business days.

I understand this form does not relieve my responsibility of payment.


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