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Hurricane Preparedness

A hurricane or natural disaster can damage our water and sewer systems, causing outages or making the water unfit to drink. Here are some tips to help you prepare:
  • Have at least a three-day supply of water. One gallon per person per day is a good rule of thumb. Don't forget pets!
  • Before a storm makes landfall, fill bathtubs with water to use for bathing and washing dishes.
  • Know how to purify water.
  • If you evacuate, turn off the water supply to your home by closing the shut-off valve.

After a Storm

  • Stay tuned to the media for instructions about water safety and sewer use.
  • Damage to our water system can impact water quality, so we may issue a boil water advisory.
  • Widespread power outages may limit our ability to pump sewage, so we may ask customers to limit toilet flushing and other activities that contribute to sewer flows.
  • Be careful not to stack debris near water meters, fire hydrants, or valves. This can cause damage during debris removal, resulting in water leaks.


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