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Planned & Emergency Repairs

Planned Service Outages

Planned service outages are necessary to install, replace, or conduct routine maintenance to our water and wastewater infrastructure. We will notify affected customers about scheduled maintenance or construction that requires temporarily turning off the water or non-use of wastewater.

How to plan for the shut-off

Before: Fill containers with drinking water and store in the fridge. Fill your bathtub with water to use for your toilet. 

After: Run your faucets with cold water for 5 minutes to flush the pipes. If your water is discolored after flushing, wait for one hour and try again. If the color of the water does not return to normal after the second flush, contact us at (843) 884-9626.

How you will be notified

MPW uses one or more of the following outreach tools to notify customers of a planned service outage. Sign-in to your WaterSmart online account to be sure we have your current contact information.

  • Door hanger
  • Flier
  • Postcard mailer 
  • Email - sent to current email associated with your account (opt-in required)
  • Phone recording - sent to current phone number associated with your account (opt-in required, except for emergencies)
  • Nextdoor - neighborhood social app

In the event of an unplanned service outage (emergency repair), services may be interrupted without notice in order to isolate the issue and make repairs. Most repairs are made within several hours. Unplanned outage notices are posted to MPW's Twitter page.


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