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High Bill Answers


Consider the following things that would cause an increase in your usage:

MPW bills after the water is used so consider the following information below, and have a calendar handy to review your dates. Your bill includes important information to help you determine your usage and when it increased. Look for the following information: Previous Reading (PERIOD), Current Reading (PERIOD), Gallons Used and the number of days in this time frame.

All of these items can increase your water usage and affect your bill:

• Is your irrigation system tied into your residential line? Did you increase the amount of time you watered your lawn?

• Have you been using the hose to water your garden?

• Have you filled a pool?

• Is your irrigation system on a timer? Have you checked the timer settings to see if they are too long or too often?

• Have you had any work done in the home or on your property?

• Have you had any work done on your irrigation system?

• Have you put down new sod or landscaping?

• Have you had any visitors?

• Have you power-washed the home or driveway?

• Have you replaced hot water heaters or any other fixtures?

• Do you have an inflatable pool, garden tub or hot tub in use?

If your readings return to normal on your next bill it is likely that it was one of these reasons or another simple explanation that caused the increase and not a leak. MPW reads monthly and cannot tell you the exact day and time that high usage occurs. Auditing your meter gives you peace of mind that the meter is working properly.

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