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Outdoor Leaks

Check for Swimming Pool Leaks  - Try the Bucket Test

Does your pool leak? Find out! If the pool has an automatic fill valve, make sure it is fully turned off. Then place a bucket on a pool step. Fill the bucket with pool water to about three to four inches from the top, matching the water level in the bucket with the level of the pool. Carefully mark the water levels on both the inside and outside of the bucket. Wait 24 hours. If the pool water has dropped more than the bucket's contents, you may have a leak and need to contact a pool professional for help.

Leaks Can Hide Outside - Look for Bright Green or "Soft” Areas 

Whatever irrigation equipment you have manual,sprinkler or drip, be aware that not all leaks are obvious. First check for overly green or soggy spots where broken sprayheads, bubblers or under-ground pipe cracks will tell on themselves. Buried pipes, hoses or driplines leaking into sandy porous soil may not show up clearly. Automatic sprinkler and drip systems that generate a hissing sound are likely leaking; remember to check drip systems for damage from foot traffic or gnawing pets or pests. Got leaky hoses? Repair them with waterproof tape. Dribbling spray nozzle connection? Wrap the hose threads with Teflon tape.

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No single document can cover all the ways available to you to locate leaks and save water. Please review the many tips in our Water Smart Center. Read more about conservation, efficient irrigation, backflow prevention and more.

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