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Savings and Appliances

Most people visit their water heaters only if the hot water stops. Check yours. If you notice a puddle of water around the bottom of the tank, it probably indicates a leak caused by corrosion-a sure sign of old age and the most common reason for replacing the tank. If the tank wall is corroding, more problems are coming, and it's time to  retire the tank and get an energy saving model.

Water heaters last about 15 years with proper care. To clear out any sediment, flush a few quarts of water from the drain valve at the bottom of the tank into a bucket about every six months - maybe when you change fire alarm batteries around the house. Also operate the pressure relief valve at the top of the tank. Don't worry if a little water leaks out; that means it's working. Also close and e open the cold water inlet valve at the top, so you are sure it’s easy to operate  in an emergency. Read on to learn how drops can cost you dollars! $ $ $

Fixture/Appliance Range of Savings
How to Save
Toilet 20 - 30 Install water displacement bag.
Install quick closing flaper valve.
Replace older high flow toilets with
high-efficiency models.
Shower 15 - 25 Install low-flow shower heads.
Take shorter showers.
Install sower control valve (on/off button)
and take "military showers".
Clothes Washer 20 - 25 Use load size settings.
Reduce the number of loads by washing
full loads only.
Replace standard washer with high-
efficiency model.
Bath Tub 1-2 Minimize fill level.
Faucets 10 - 20 Install low-flow faucet aerators.
Bath: Do not let faucet run while shaving.
Sink: Turn faucet off while brushing teeth.
Kitchen: Do ot pre-rinse dishes when
using the dishwasher; scrpae food waste into
recycling container instead.
Dishwasher 1 - 4 Wash only full loads.
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