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Guidelines for Development

The purpose of the Guidelines for Development is to provide for the orderly development of the water and wastewater system to meet the growing needs of residents and businesses in the Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) service area. These guidelines were developed with the intent of making them flexible enough to accommodate the individuality of each project while maintaining high standards and an orderly procedure.


MPW created the Small Developer Flow Chart as a quick guide of the review and approval process for developers.

Small Developer Flow Chart

Guidelines for Development Appendix

Whenever possible, use electronic documents for submittal during project development. MPW legal documents and SCDHEC documents must still be submitted with original signatures to MPW. Please see the list of documents available for download that may apply to your project.


5.3.2 - Assessment of Impact Fees

5.3.3 - Impact Fee Management

MPW Contractor Guaranty.pdf

MPW Contractors and Final Waiver of Lien.pdf

MPW Encroachment Permit Agreement.pdf

MPW Fencing Maintenance Agreement for Pump Stations.pdf

MPW Grant of Easement - NEW

MPW Industrial Pretreatment Questionnaire.pdf

MPW Landscape Maintenance Agreement for Pump Stations.pdf

MPW Title to Real Estate.pdf

MPW Title to Water and Wastewater Systems Latest.pdf

MPW Wastewater Contract - Revised May 2017.pdf

MPW Wastewater Collections Questionnaire

MPW Water Contract - Revised May 2017.pdf

MPW Water Distribution Questionnaire

MPW Cancellation of Easement.doc

MPW Partial Cancellation of Easememnt.docx



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