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Wastewater vs. Stormwater

What is Wastewater?

Wastewater (also referred to as sewer water) is the water you flush down your toilet and the water that goes down your drain. MPW is responsible for collecting the used water from your home or business and delivering it to one of our two wastewater treatment plants.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is created as the result of rain fall. The rain water that is not absorbed into the ground becomes surface runoff which flows into nearby surface waterways and into stormwater drains. The Town of Mount Pleasant is responsible for the management of stormwater across our community. 

Please contact the Town of Mount Pleasant at 843-884-8517 with any questions or concerns about stormwater or flooding in your area.

Wastewater Management

Our wastewater system includes 400 miles of wastewater lines and over 160 pump stations. Pump stations are located in low-lying areas across our service area and aid in the flow of wastewater to the treatment plant. We make smart investments in wastewater infrastructure to ensure our operations are effective, efficient, and sustainable. 

Our primary wastewater projects include the following:
  • Wastewater System Cleaning - Every month we clean more than six miles of pipe and inspect 200 manholes to ensure there are no blockages or overflow. Crews use high pressure water hoses and vacuum trucks to flush the pipes and clean catch basins. Debris is removed and properly discarded.
  • Sewer Rehabilitation - Proactive rehabilitation of wastewater lines extends the life of the system and prevents failures. The work is done using "cast-in-place" pipe lining (CIPP) and allows us to repair the pipe without trench excavation.   

Never put these items down your drain or in your toilet:
•    Flushable products - there is no such thing as a "flushable wipe"
•    Fats, oils, or grease
•    Coffee grinds
•    Egg shells
•    Feminine hygiene products
•    Paper towels
•    Rags
•    Motor oil, transmission fluids, anti-freeze or other toxic chemicals
•    Floss
•    Prescription and over-the-counter medications


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