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Know More About Your Water

Water Source

Mount Pleasant Waterworks has two water sources, ground water from the Middendorf Aquifer and purchased water from Charleston Water System. Click here to learn more.

Water Distribution

Drinking water is delivered to homes and businesses through the water distribution system, a network of infrastructure that includes pipes, valves, fire hydrants, treatment facilities, and storage tanks. Click here to learn more.

Water Quality

Each year, we produce a water quality report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

It includes information about where our water comes from and how it’s treated. The report also includes a summary of our water quality test results for the prior calendar year and whether we met all regulatory requirements. Click here to learn more.

Common Water Quality Issues and Lead Testing

Changes in water taste, smell, or color may be caused by a variety of factors, including natural changes in our source water, nearby construction activity, fire hydrant testing or flushing, and plumbing problems. Click here to learn more.

Public System vs. Private Plumbing

Mount Pleasant Waterworks owns and operates water mains and wastewater lines in the public right of way, everything up to and including the water meter. We are not responsible for private plumbing systems or the service lines between the water meter and your home. Click here to learn more.



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