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Aquifers & Groundwater

Water Sources

Aquifers and groundwater play a vital role in supplying water to the citizens of our area.

Their Importance.

MPW has spent the last 30 years working to protect this ancient, pristine resource- the Charleston Aquifer. MPW is committed to proper management of our regional water resources, and an environmentally conscious withdrawal from the Aquifer. It is important for the citizens of SC to understand how aquifers work, the importance they play in supplying groundwater, and how we can protect them. 

Laws and Plans

MPW has worked hand in hand for years with federal and state regulators to do our part as an organization to protect our water sources.  

How does MPW work to protect the Aquifer?

Emerging leaders in state of SC on potable reuse research

Meet Allan Clum, Operations Manager & Tyler Waterhouse, Laboratory Technician accepting a federal grant for a potable reuse study on behalf of MPW.  First in the state of SC to participate in this innovative and             sustainable water supply solution. 


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